One Medication Is Lowered…..

So, Mr. Highly Medicated Person, how are you doing after the slight lower?

If you don’t have to take the type of medication I do (to keep your brain from having seizures) then you are just a lucky person. I’ve spoken with other people throughout my life, and it is agreed that my meds can be seen as more important than what some others take. Seizure medication is “carefully” lowered/changed.

With that I’ve typed, I have a new amount that I am taking. Just SLIGHTLY lower. My body/brain seems to be very touchy as far as side-effects go when this happens (even when the SMALLEST change happens).

“What change?”

Ah, I am NOW remembering what it used to be like when I previously had taken this amount of medication. I can more easily communicate through speaking. Ugh, FINALLY…. Slightly easier to hold a conversation. (Then again, that may be true with my becoming comfortable at speaking louder.) I do have to say that my memory is slightly better now. Oh, that makes me feel REALLY GOOD. I don’t have to worry about walking from one room to another, and being without the memory of why the walk was made.

“…uh, where was I going…?”

These changes in everything may or may not be finished. Who knows…

Anyway. With all these “effects” and “changes” and so forth… I may be seen as a DIFFERENT PERSON by ME and OTHERS. (A better person to others? eh….)


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