Day 1 at the hospital…

This is insane. Right now at 5am, I’m awake. This has to be the fact that I went to bed so early.

Okay. Sat in the waiting room for two hours. Then I was taken to my room on the 8th floor. Took about two hours to get me all hooked to the wires on my head and body for This Video EEG. I have a video camera pointing to my bed 24 hours a day. Only time I can get out of bed and away from the camera is to use the bathroom. Can’t take showers with these wires on my body and I can’t take these wires off. Only able to wear a zip up hoodie and sweat pants. I have all these wires on my head connected to a box about the side as a smaller purse. Have to carry this with me to the bathroom and this box is connected to a cord that is dragged on the floor wherever I go. But I have to get right back to bed to get back on the camera.

Complicated stuff with all this. Now I’m hungry…  🙂

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