How am I feeling today?

I have this “habit” of reading my entries that I do, and I have decided that my entries shall be done on more of a regular basis, just to have more.

I have been speaking to a good friend on the phone almost every evening and yesterday was quite odd in my “book of  communication” that we shared. I was doing the speaking a majority of the time. This was odd. Usually my friend does the larger percentage of speaking, while I do the listening.  This “change” in the ability to find words to speak, and do that, is quite odd. I had the words in my mind that I would want to say, I ALWAYS HAVE, but my mouth agreed to work along to get this out.

Well, well, well…… Not my “mouth” agreed? It’s the portion of the BRAIN that controls the the mouth. The thoughts were getting there. Thoughts have always been in the brain, just unable to exit through the mouth. Now, it wasn’t to be said that I had anything intelligent to speak, but still. 🙂

Well, it’s getting closer to eating time and I’m reading (listening to) a new book. Not sure about this one. Very strange, fictional and very very long.

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